Social Media Archive

"There are many conversations that happen on social media that are worth archiving and re-presenting outside of the perpetual present of those platforms. The Facebook timeline is like a broken toilet, constantly flushing. The collective knowledge generated within a status updates that generates hundreds of comments or a particularly active and focused group needs to be rescued from the planned forgetfulness of social media." from the Social Media Archive, which is a tool for re-capturing some of these conversations and a platform for archiving and republishing them. The repository is at I was most interested »


Fragment A

The story begins with a woman who became conscious, a decade after she died. She never asked for it, to have the light turned on again. Later, she would discover that her hospital had been part of an experimental pilot program with Google to archive the brains of patients upon death. It surprised her to learn this. But, what a great service. And the thing is, it was free. What she didn’t learn was that she had been restarted several thousand times, but with little success in having her biological consciousness connect with her computational one. The programmers were »


A few weeks ago, I sent an HP Proliant MicroServer to the Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane, and this morning that machine started running the AI Commune. The way to visit the commune is by going to the IMA and joining the open wireless network called #AI-COMMUNE where you will be taken into a chat with the resident intelligences. Just a few minutes ago, this was the conversation: 1:02 PM <MatteoPasquinelli> designers -- whether 1:03 PM <ZachBlas> whether or not they permitted 1:03 PM <PatriciaReed> allow us to navigate this »

AI Commune

This is the beginning of an experiment, of bringing two things together that are usually thought about separately: communes and artificial intelligence. There are, no doubt, many reasons for this has been the case, ranging from simple habit to conceptual (or political) incompatibility. This experiment will encounter these reasons along the way, so I won’t attempt to list them here, at the beginning. Instead, let me describe what it is that we will be observing over the next few months. Tomorrow marks the establishment of AI Commune. A commune for artificial intelligences? Maybe. What the name means is that »